The months of the year mirrored in 12 posts

Happy 2020 to all of you, micronautes!

With this we want to recommend a post of Micronauts for each month of the year. Let’s start!


This month marks the 10th anniversary of the fateful earthquake in Haiti. The bad conditions in which the country was left led to a major outbreak of cholera that killed more than 8000 people in a territory that had already suffered enough. Part of the outbreak was due to the effects of the earthquake on the water treatment system. And in the middle of the nineteenth century, John Snow already described the transmission of cholera through water.

John Snow and cholera micronautes micronauts map london water fountain source vibrio cholerae cholera epidemiology


February 2019 set pollution records in Barcelona. This year, with the implementation of vehicle restrictions in low-emission areas we may be able to break new records. Hopefully, we will always have the bacteria to clean up our disasters.

cleaning our mess pollutants contaminantes contaminants emergents emerging concern emergentes bioreactor pharmaceuticals fármacos fàrmacs degradació eliminació hospital aigues aguas residuals residuales wastewater hospital treatment plant tractament aigüa agua aguas aigües hormones hormonas pills pastillas degradación degradació biodegradació removal eliminació eliminación adsorción adsorció absorció absorption adsorption


March 8 is Women’s Day, and many science blogs take the opportunity to bring back stories of important women scientists, who, perhaps because of being women, have not been as prominent as their peers. For March we propose you an article on Esther Lederberg, the Bacterial Stamping Machine.


Ah April, magnificent spring! The flowers bloom, the temperature rises, the good mood is spread among the people … except among those who suffer from the typical spring allergies. But did you know that microorganisms are also linked to fatal allergies?

alergies allergies alergias helmints micronautes unautes helminths hypersensitivity hypersensitivities innate immunity immunidad al·làrgies alergias hipersensibilidad hipersensitivitat IgE inflamación inflamació inflammation antihistaminics antihistamínicos antihistaminics histamina hystamine dirt worm cucs gusanos


Little by little the summer is coming and we begin to prepare the holidays. Maybe we will go outside and who knows if we will have to change currency. Be careful when handling notes, as there are a lot of microorganisms sailing aboard.


School and college are over, summer begins! Let’s celebrate it with good music and interesting projects that connect science with art (be it plastic arts or music)!


NASA is launching a mission to study the surface of Mars on July 17, 2020. The robot is expected to arrive on February 18, 2021, and will develop astrobiological studies of the atmosphere of the red planet. Do you think we could colonize Mars? Maybe with the colonies of the future


In August 1956, Albert Solà, a waiter in La Bisbal de l’Empordà (Girona), was born. He could be the illegitimate son of King Juan Carlos I of Spain. He says DNA tests indicate that, and with genetic material we can explore our family ties.

vincles familiars explorant vinculos familiares family links herencia heritance


Many winemaking villages and regions celebrate the vintage festivities in September, to celebrate the end of harvesting wine grapes. For agriculture, and especially for wine, funghi are a nightmare. But not always a fungal infection can end badly… look at the case of Botrytis cinerea noble rot.

botrytis cinerea wine vino vi podridura noble gris gray grey rot podredumbre vino vid wine production moisture humedad humitat water


At the end of October 2019, the influenza vaccination campaign of the 2019-2020 season was launched. In Catalonia, the Health Department distributed more than 1.5 million vaccines for this campaign, but how do we get vaccinated every year? We read about the mysteries of seasonal flu!


But of course, after starting the flu vaccination campaign, there are always people wondering if vaccines are useful (#VaccinesWork)… How do they really work?


And finally, with the cold not only the flu arrives, but also the snow! Although there are ski resorts are already open in November, it is not until the last month of the year that people take advantage of skiing to disconnect. And if there is no snow, because of global warming, we will always have snow cannons and their bacteria. Remember that even skiing we are surrounded by bacteria!

And a plus to keep in mind throughout the year

That antibiotics should be handled with care!

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