Some years yes, others do not; Why is the flu virus affecting us different every year and the vaccine does not always work well? The two questions have the same answer: The flu virus (called Influenza) is constantly changing. These constant changes occur through two phenomena of which we willRead More →

Washing our hands before eating and after going to the bathroom; does it end here? Let’s talk about money. This time we will discuss a third situation in which we should consider our hygiene: handling money. Banknotes and coins are fomites* usually exchanged for goods and services. They pass throughRead More →

Nowadays, talking about vaccines is trendy. Although we have a lot of information about the topic, most people still don’t understand how and why vaccines work (yes, they do!). In order to understand it, it is necessary to know how does the immune system acts. In fact, the immunology asRead More →