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Who is the father? Is this blood of the killer? What are my origins? Let’s talk about how we’ve answered these questions through years! All the questions that we have just posed can be heard both in series and in the news. They are usually linked to legal cases dueRead More →

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Pollution. When we hear this word we are probably reminded of car and industry emissions, petrol leakages or toxic waste in rivers. These terms are wide and may refer to many substances that are a threat to our health or the environment. A variety of classifications apply to pollutants; theyRead More →

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Microorganisms and factories, how are they related? It is well known that proteins of human origin have a high pharmaceutical value; they are very appreciated and cannot be obtained as other natural resources. Diabetics, for example, traditionally acquired their to doses of insulin (hormone responsible for the regulation of bloodRead More →

“Supermicrobes” mini-posts series aims to highlight bacteria, archaea or virus with the most peculiar characteristics. Magnetospirillum and its magnetotaxis   Magnetospirillum has the honor to start the “Supermicrobes” series. It is a magnetotactic bacteria capable of orientating itself and swim using flagella following the magnetic field lines around the globe. As otherRead More →

Washing our hands before eating and after going to the bathroom; does it end here? Let’s talk about money. This time we will discuss a third situation in which we should consider our hygiene: handling money. Banknotes and coins are fomites* usually exchanged for goods and services. They pass throughRead More →

Despite the lack of snow some ski seasons, resorts are not usually troubled to keep their tracks white during all the season. Part of the credit should be attributed to a peculiar group of bacteria that cause disease in plants. Since its invention in the fifties and introduction in SpainRead More →